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asked 2015-04-30 01:08:17 -0700

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Hi all:

Does AllJoyn suggest developer to port more C function to JavaScript layer? If so, where is the suggest place to write the porting code ? or ...any suggest approach?

thank you!

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answered 2015-05-01 13:49:39 -0700

jprestwo gravatar image

External collaboration and development is always encouraged for the AllJoyn project as a whole (including AllJoyn.js). I am curious to exactly what functions you are referring to?

The approach AllJoyn.js takes is not that of a language binding (like Standard clients JS, Java, C, etc. bindings). AllJoyn.js exposes the minimum functionality needed for a developer to use AllJoyn, while still allowing the developer to do everything that is available in the Thin Client. For example sessions are completely hidden, but this is ok because you are still able to do everything needed with regard to methods, signals, and properties.

If there is some functionality that you are not able to do in AllJoyn.js that you can do in Thin Client then we would encourage you to either implement that yourself and submit a patch and/or file a bug report explaining the problem and/or solution. Please elaborate on what C functions you think are desired to have and we can discuss a possible solution (or maybe there already is one).

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