AllJoyn Daemon Timeout

asked 2015-04-27 20:59:56 -0700

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I use the Windows APP,SampleDaemon.exe, as an AllJoyn Router to make the Thin Core device connect to the Alljoyn rounter. But I find that there is a timeout mechanism. The SampleDaemon will timeout and need to be restarted when the TC device do nohting for a while. It will output the message "Endpoint Rx timed out ". Is there any setting that can make the SampleDaemon APP with no timeout mechanism? Thank you for your great help!!

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Would it be possible to provide additional information? Which version, 14.06 / 14.12 are you using? To the best of my knowledge, there shouldn't be any timeout in SampleDaemon (this has been renamed as TrustedTLSampleRN). Is a tcp connection being established between thin device and SampleDaemon?

praveenb ( 2015-05-02 00:21:17 -0700 )edit

Also, helpful would be a packet capture between thin leaf node and the windows machine and the duration after which you are seeing the message 'Endpoint Rx timed out'. Usually this message indicates, that the Router node is no longer able to contact the thin device. You might want to file a JIRA.

praveenb ( 2015-05-02 00:23:51 -0700 )edit

My git log shows in the follow picture: The Error message shows in the follow picture
Thank you!

bling ( 2015-05-04 00:13:48 -0700 )edit

Based in the links you provided, it looks like the routing node is not able to probe the thin device. One way to debug this is to confirm that the connection between routing node and thin device is still functional.

praveenb ( 2015-05-17 03:36:07 -0700 )edit