I can not browse the ControllPane device by ControlPanelController PC App. But the Android App is OK.

asked 2015-04-22 18:25:17 -0700

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I have two PCs which are A and B, and they are both connecting to the same wifi AP. Allseen ControlPanelController C++ sample (the Controller) runs in PC A, and ControlPanelSample (the device) runs in PC B.

The Controller does not found out any devices includes mine in above case.

But in a special case, Controller will find out Controllee devices when I use the ControlPanelBrowser Android App.

What did ControlPanelBrowser do? How to duplicate it in my PC and Allseen C++ SDK?

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i guess, the controlPanel service (controller) that u run is only renederable on Android/iOS device.

anujtripathi.04 ( 2015-10-30 03:50:33 -0700 )edit