AJ_LedService Example with Arduino Ethernet Shield and Wifi

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While trying to build AJ_LedService example, I have encounter two unclear point.

I have seen WIFI_UDP_WORKING definition so if WIFI_UDP_WORKING defined then what is the wifi its use, if not the "Arduino ethernet shield" will be used, is it correct?

I'm confusing on more thing, I have figured out that Alljoyn have used "WSL driver" for gt202 kit so if I used another kit "another wifi kit or Arduino ethernet shield " does alljoyn will work correclty on these kit without any modify on WSL driver ?

Thanks much

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answered 2015-04-22 09:18:13 -0700

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  • Yes, defining WIFI_UDP_WORKING will use the Wifi shield (the WiFi shield has a bug with UDP). Not defining it uses the ethernet shield.
  • The WSL driver is a completely different project that has no relation to "Arduino" except that it uses the Arduino DUE as its platform. It has nothing to do with TARG=arduino or the Arduino IDE. Its a bare-metal implementation and a driver for the GT-202 WiFi module.
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Thanks for your great help.

henryson ( 2015-04-22 20:02:23 -0700 )edit
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