SLAP communication between two devices

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I wanted to get a few things answered regarding the Serial implementation off Alljoyn.

Here's what I think I know(I could be wrong):

  1. The abstraction of serial communication is done in the Alljoyn Router by the DaemonSLAPTransport files in /alljoyn_core/router and as long as the device is serially connected to another device running an Alljoyn Core Library (albeit one running on a target that has serial defined on it) they will be able to talk over serial.
  2. Serial is currently defined on the SCL side only for Linux (as the daemon-main file in the /posix directory is the only one that adds it to the TransportFactoryContainer) and for TCL whereas the library implementation is defined the serial port programming for the target platforms has not been done.

Here's what I need to know:

  1. The documentation for DaemonSLAPTransport says, "DaemonSLAPTransport is a specialization of class Transport for communication between an AllJoyn client application and the daemon over UART." Does this mean that Serial Communication can only be done between a router and a Thin client?

  2. In the case that answer to the previous question is yes, Is there any feature branch that has Serial port programming for Linux implemented already?

  3. In the case that the answer is no, would it be plausible for me to simulate a Serial connection between two BLE boards capable of connecting to a PC serially and then have two routers talk to one another over this BLE link which they can only see as a serial link? I got the idea for this from the btle-transport branch which does something similar for a Router and a Leaf node.

  4. Does the Serial link between two devices need an IP stack to be present on the device for it to be functional?

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you might try on the core mailing list.

ry.jones ( 2015-10-15 08:53:01 -0700 )edit