AJTCL signal_service example doesn't send signals

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The example apps in AJTCL (samples/basic/signal_service, samples/basic/signalConsumer_client) do not appear to work correctly. When I run these apps from the thin core then invoke nameChange_client, no signal is received by the signalConsumer_client instance.

However, if I run the same sample apps from core/alljoyn/build/linux/x86_64/debug/dist/cpp/bin/samples/ then the signal is sent/received properly.

Has anybody managed to get signals working in AJTCL? If so, where is the bug in these sample apps?

For completeness, here's the signal sending code from signal_service.c:

static AJ_Status SendSignal()
    AJ_Message msg;

    AJ_AlwaysPrintf(("Emitting Name Changed Signal. New value for property 'name' is '%s'.\n", propertyName));

    /* For the signal to transmit outside of the current process the session ID must be 0. */
    AJ_MarshalSignal(&busAttachment, &msg, BASIC_SIGNAL_SERVICE_SIGNAL, NULL, 0, AJ_FLAG_GLOBAL_BROADCAST, 0);
    AJ_MarshalArgs(&msg, "s", propertyName);

    return AJ_DeliverMsg(&msg);

And here's the signal receiving code from signalConsumer_client.c:

AJ_Status ReceiveNewName(AJ_Message*msg)
    AJ_Arg arg;
    AJ_Status status = AJ_UnmarshalArg(msg, &arg);

    if (status == AJ_OK) {
        AJ_AlwaysPrintf(("--==## signalConsumer: Name Changed signal Received ##==--\n"));
        AJ_AlwaysPrintf(("\tNew name: '%s'.\n", arg.val.v_string));

    return status;

(receive segment from main loop):

    status = AJ_UnmarshalMsg(&bus, &msg, UNMARSHAL_TIMEOUT);

    if (AJ_ERR_TIMEOUT == status) {

    switch (status) {
    case AJ_OK:
         * The contents of the message are meaningful, only when
         * the message was unmarshaled successfully.
        switch (msg.msgId) {
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answered 2015-04-10 04:19:43 -0700

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Not sure if this is your issue, but the signal consumer sample was missing a call to AJ_BusAddSignalRule so it never got the signals. This was fixed in this commit https://github.com/allseenalliance/core-ajtcl/commit/3db5cd293ab6c6f82c1bf6ca7a93516c942051b4 which isn't in the RB14.12 branch, but can be found from the master branch.

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Fantastic! This was the issue, thanks. In fact, the issue required both changes to signalConsumer_client.c: the AJ_PRX_MESSAGE_ID() change and the AJ_BusAddSignalRule change.

mfitzpatrick ( 2015-04-10 05:39:05 -0700 )edit

answered 2015-04-10 02:43:04 -0700

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There are some miss match between code generated ajcodegen.py and repo generated router V14.12. You can try Installing router from git checkout v14.12, and compile them with cmd : scons BINDINGS=cpp OS=linux CPU=x86_64 VARIANT=debug BUILD_SERVICES_SAMPLES=off

Compile AJTCL code of repo downloaded from alljoyn-suite-14.06.00a-src.tar.gz Check download page. Now you service would attach with the router.

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