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Hi there,

In Notification Interface, there are many attributes like langText, Rich Notification Url, Rich Notification Icon Object Path, etc , What purpose of these attributes?

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answered 2015-05-02 01:18:31 -0700

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The attributes of a Notification are useful for:

  • a Notification Producer application developer to send notifications with a good amount of useful information
  • a Notification Consumer application developer to display meaningful and detail-rich notification to the end-user

Consider a scenario of a Notification Consumer application (an application that receives Notification emitted by various producers and displays them to the end-user).

If a printer, running a Notification Producer, sends out a notification that the paper tray is stuck, the notification can contain a URL pointing to the printer manufacturer's website that can provide additional details and resolution to the issue.

The icons can be used by the Consumer application to display images with notifications on the screen to make it easier to the end-user to identify the devices from which notifications were emitted.

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