How to incorporate Multiple Service Objects in One App? (Code Generator)

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updated 2015-04-01 23:31:16 -0700

So I've been playing around with the code generator recently and wanted to ask one thing: Is it possible for me to create an App that has multiple Service objects, all with different Well Known Names and Object paths, using the code generator?

I got the idea form looking at these two diagrams from the data exchange page:

image description image description

What I'm trying to finally do is establish an ecosystem that looks something like this:

Standard Client App 1 Implements: Service Object 1,2 & 3 (Running on Android)

Thin Service App 1 Implements: Service Object 1 & 2

Thin Service App 2 Implements: Service Object 3

I want my Client App running on Android to be able to be establish sessions with Thin App 1 if only that is in the network, with Thin App 2 if only that is par of the network and with both if both are.

Can I produce these apps using the Codegen or maybe even without it and how?

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you might try on the core mailing list.

ry.jones ( 2015-08-15 00:42:23 -0700 )edit