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asked 2015-03-12 20:42:37 -0700

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Hi there,

I know method "Signle" in BusObject which can send signal but i can't find any document about "Signal Data" or "Signal Format"

Can somebody tell me where docu is??

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i am not sure I know what you mean by Signal Data or Signal Format. Can you expand you question to explain what you mean.

georgen ( 2015-03-19 16:24:00 -0700 )edit

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answered 2015-10-01 13:00:20 -0700

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The first thing you need to understand is that when you define the AllJoyn Interface and add your signal you provide the argument types that you will send. In doing so when you send a signal you need to provide a MsgArg that contains the same signature as what was provided in the AllJoyn Interface definition you created.

You can see how the C++ code sends a signal with a String ("s") in the Chat sample.

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