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Are there compatibility issues on running:

  • a service over a 14.06 core and
  • the related client on a 14.12 core?

I'm referring to both the below cases:

  • base services (so one 14.06 and the other 14.12):
  • proprietary interfaces

The "Core 14.12 Release Plan" has a dedicated paragraph which tells: "There are no expected compatibility issues".Does it means that the above system work just like having the same version in both nodes?


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answered 2015-03-24 02:01:46 -0700

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I can't quite comment on Proprietary Interfaces, but based on the following link, it looks like no compatibility issues are expected between 14.06 and 14.12 Base Services.

Base Services 14.12 Release Review

In general, interfaces (whether proprietary or not) should be compatible between versions as long as the interfaces themselves haven't evolved between versions. In other words, newer AllJoyn shouldn't affect interfaces that remain same across versions.

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