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asked 2015-03-08 11:47:56 -0700

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Hello guys. I recently started using the alljoyn android sdk with Unity. I've been reading a lot of documentation lately, but I just can't figure the solution for my problem. Establishing connection between the devices is no problem, the devices connects succesfully to a session. The problem is, when I want to sent a message, from one device to another device, through the chat app. The message that I send from device A is shown on device A, but not device B. "SendChatSignal" method is called, which calls the Signal method: AllJoyn.QStatus status = Signal(null, currentSessionId, chatMember, payload, 0, 64);Which returns QStatus.OK. So the signal should be broadcasted through the bus, but the SignalHandler method is never called, which I don't understand since it is registered on the bus with the following:status = msgBus.RegisterSignalHandler(this.ChatSignalHandler, chatMember, null); I hope you can help me with my problem.

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answered 2015-03-23 22:31:08 -0700

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Linux Foundation Staff

Unity is no longer supported and has been removed from the codebase.

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