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Hello, I am new user of the AllJoyn, While joining session second time I am getting return status 'ALLJOYN_JOINSESSION_REPLY_ALREADY_JOINED'. my test sequence is as below.

  1. Service running on machine 'A' and connected over Wi-Fi network 'X'.
  2. Client running on machine 'B' and connected over Wi-Fi network 'X'.
  3. At client end Registered bus listener ‘registerBusListener()’ and looking for advertise name ‘findAdvertisedName()’
  4. Client found advertise name and Joined session successfully.
  5. Client and Service communicate with each other successfully using methods and signal.
  6. On machine ‘B’ switched network to Wi-Fi network ‘Z’.
  7. At client side received callback ‘sessionLost()’ (verified session ID is same as received by ‘joinSession’).
  8. After some time received callback ‘lostAdvertisedName()’.
  9. On machine ‘B’ again switched network over Wi-Fi network 'X'.
  10. At client side received callback ‘foundAdvertisedName()’.
  11. To join session called ‘joinSession()’. (contact port is same as used for first ‘joinSession())

This ‘joinSession()’ returning me 'ALLJOYN_JOINSESSION_REPLY_ALREADY_JOINED' I am expecting ‘OK’. Please help me to find out why I am receiving this status.

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answered 2015-03-10 05:46:06 -0700

pradip.choudhari gravatar image

Issue resolved after upgrading AllJoyn to ver 14.12, this issue was with ver 14.06 and fixed in ver14.12.

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