iOS Alljoyn setting of Bus value.

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Hello All, Supporter.

In Android I can success joinSession and Send/Receive single ,(join a Bus and use AllJoyn interface Single send msg and no replies), and how can I modify to the same registered value in iOS for example "SecureClient" app iOS sample?

- Andriud Successful setting: In myproject.java

1.private static final String SERVICE_NAME_PREFIX = "com.allplay.XXX.service.sample”;
2.@BusSignalHandler(iface = "com.allplay.XXX.service.interface.sample", signal = "aSignal”)
In SecureInterface.java
3.@BusInterface(name = "com.allplay.XXX.service.interface.sample”)

iOS Sample SecureClient
SecureClient App is build success and run in my phone iphone6 plus ,and it stop in log message:
Searching for name
com.alljoyn.XXX.service.samples" on the bus..

-iOS SecureClient Constants.m
1.NSString * const kServicePath = @"/SecureService"; // need change to "aSignal" ?
2.NSString * const kServiceName = @"com.allplay.XXX.service.sample"; //Originally is org.alljoyn.bus.samples.secure
3.NSString * const kInterfaceName = @"com.allplay.XXX.service.sample; //Originally is org.alljoyn.bus.samples.secure.SecureInterface
4.NSString * const kAppName = @"SRPSecurityClient0";

-iOS SecureClient AJNSecureObject.mm
and I also test to change AJNSecureObject.mm all interface name to:

the situation unchanged , log stop in Searching for name "com.alljoyn.mcu.service.sample on the bus.."

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answered 2015-03-04 14:47:21 -0700

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Hi JohnnyLin,

The name that you are looking for is: com.alljoyn.XXX.service.sample which is not what you are advertising on the service side. Its strange that the log says com.alljoyn when you mention that you made a change to NSString * const kServiceName = @"org.alljoyn.bus.samples.secure"; in Constants.m.

That aside, the reason for the stall would be an authentication error. Currently the iOS software is setup to use ALLJOYN_ECDHE_PS I believe in your case you want to change the mechanism to support ALLJOYN_SRP_KEYX. Please note that ALLJOYN_SRP_KEYX is deprecated and is no longer supported since AllJoyn 14.06. In order for authentication to progress both applications need to "speak" the same authentication schema AND will need to provide the correct auth values (Password, username, cert, etc.)

Thank you, Brian Spencer

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HI Brian Spencer Thanks for your comments, I had modified the code and found device, 1.NSString * const kServicePath = @"/samplePath"; // my service side 2.NSString * const kServiceName = @"com.allplay.xxx.service.sample"; 3.NSString * const kInterfaceName = @"com.allplay.xxx.service.interface.sample"; and log seems to find a device SecureClient[9354:2432698] AJNClientController::didFindAdvertisedName:com.allplay.XXX.service.sample.i66adf156-6a2e-4a19-85b5-0b3053394c53.rihQ7aI0a withTransportMask:4 namePrefix:com.allplay.XXX.service.sample and next I am testing how to make join session, any suggestions ? Thank you

JohnnyLin ( 2015-03-04 18:30:53 -0700 )edit
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