About Luminaire app and use C++ or java

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I want to control the Luminaire app for C++ or java.I download window SDK ,but I don't know how to use....

My question are as follow:

1.Luminaire app is client or service?

2.If use C++ or java ,my first step how can to do?

sorry,My first language not English.....

please help me

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answered 2015-04-12 05:28:09 -0700

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The Luminaire application is a developer tool for the AllSeen Lighting Service project which simulates a lightbulb and a Lighting Controller. The application that you write can use either the Java or C++ APIs found in the lighting project. I would first start here at the Getting Started section of the Lighting Workgroup wiki page. Then once you get setup and are interacting with the virtual bulb you can browse the source of the sample app or just use the APIs from the download package.

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