Message from Android client(id and password) could not reach Config server. what is wrong?

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My config client is written using android studio in java. I am trying to send message(id and password) to config server(C++ sample modified from original source). However, the message could not reach the server.I have turned on Alljoyn layer.I have also tried to reset the server or restart the server but it is not responding. Is there anything wrong? Can client and server be written in different languages ? If they have to be same language, then can you provide the Config server in Java so I can modify? Please help , it is urgent for my project.

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are you able to ping the machine where the server is running from the machine where the client is running? is it on wifi? does your access point support multicast?

ry.jones ( 2015-02-28 22:32:04 -0700 )edit

Hi Lawren, Yes, I can ping the server and there is wifi and it does support multicast? The bus I am trying to join is the that correct? I tried even org.alljoyn.Config but to no avail. I find that when i press select restart or reset server, I am actually invoking my java code in android client side(which I placed in I am using the Samsung client and when you press the menu key on the bottom of my phone, my own menu options of Restart device, Factory reset and Settings appear. How can I invoke the server ones(written in C++) on the AP device itself as I did not get to see the server ones. The server may have advertise itself but why I couldnt see the details once I connect to alljoyn? I seem to be missing ...(more)

Eng ( 2015-03-01 18:49:27 -0700 )edit