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asked 2015-02-24 21:00:11 -0700

Greetings all seers! I'm working on a project that's bet heavily on AllJoyn. We're primarily on iOS but also have an Android port. Apple's App Store announced last year that all new apps must include 64-bit support starting in February 2015 and all existing app updates must include 64-bit support starting in June 2015. The recent 14.12a release oddly did not include 64 bit support and in scanning the recent git commits, it does not look like anything is in the works. Will there be instructions on how to build AllJoyn 64 bit in the near future?

Thanks so much.

All the best,

Keith Alperin


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Not an answer, but this is something I've wondered about myself.

jworr ( 2015-02-25 10:02:25 -0700 )edit

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answered 2015-02-27 11:25:30 -0700

Nikhil Dabhade gravatar image

The 64-bit iOS support is in works. I should be able to get it in in the next week and it will be a part of the 15.04 SDK Meanwhile, if you need to get it to work even before that let me know and I can help you out with the port

Regards, Nikhil

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Thanks Nikhil, is there a branch that we can pull (and instructions) so that we can build from source? We don't need it tomorrow but not having it three months before the drop-dead deadline makes me very nervous (both about our release and about alljoyn's support for iOS).

Keith Alperin ( 2015-02-27 11:46:56 -0700 )edit

The changes should hit the master branch by the end of next week. I can post the instructions for you with that. It should be the same flow with just a new target (arm64) to build alljoyn_core and rest will remain process remains the same

Nikhil Dabhade ( 2015-02-27 12:42:04 -0700 )edit

So is this available now? Which commit?

chrylarson ( 2015-03-04 11:04:21 -0700 )edit

By the end of the week. Checking the master branch is your best bet

Nikhil Dabhade ( 2015-03-04 14:49:24 -0700 )edit

Hi Nikhil, that's great news; thanks! We currently build alljoyn ourselves using a succession of commands like: xcodebuild -scheme alljoyn_core_ios_armv7 -sdk iphoneos -configuration Release OPENSSL_ROOT=$OPENSSL_ROOT build Will there be a alljoyn_core_ios_arm64 scheme that we can just build?

Keith Alperin ( 2015-03-07 20:20:22 -0700 )edit

answered 2015-02-25 11:02:39 -0700

ry.jones gravatar image
Linux Foundation Staff

You should be able to build for 64 bit iOS platforms.

ASACORE-1063 was marked as a dupe of ASACORE-1051. You might file another bug or work item for explicit 64 bit support in the 15.04 timeframe.

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Thanks @cl_lawren. I'm not a processor architecture expert but it seems like those jira tickets assume that armv7 is a 64 bit processor. I'm pretty sure that armv7 is 32 bit and that you build for arm64 to get a 64 bit build. As such, it doesn't look like there's a 64 bit build right now.

Keith Alperin ( 2015-02-27 11:40:25 -0700 )edit
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