android ajtcl porting.

asked 2015-02-15 23:52:52 -0700

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I saw the luminaire applications (lamp and lamp controller service service).

I will develop an application similar to that. But in the Android(arm processor) environment AJTCL seems not to be operated.

There is no lamp service for android, so i am doing cross-compile lamp service for linux.

Current 'eventfd' error occurs.

Conceptually, I wonder that AJTCL can be operated in the Android environment . I wonder if additional sample examples exist.

Compile environment. Lighting Service Framework Version : 14.06 Android OS : ICS(4.0.3) NDK : android-ndk-r9d

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answered 2015-02-17 13:16:20 -0700

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AJTCL is not supported on Android. If you wanted to do this you would need to port it. If you do have the desire to do that have a look under the target directory in the AJTCL repository. You will see folders for linux, win32 and Arduino. Have a look at linux and implement the same functions present there but with Android API's instead. You will need network functions (AJ_Net_Send, AJ_Net_Recv ... ) as well as NVRAM (persistent storage), and finally utility functions like timers.

There is nothing preventing AJTCL from running under Android, just the work to port it. I am not sure why you would want to do this though, there is nothing that AJTCL can do over Standard Client that would make it beneficial apart from being a lighter memory/RAM footprint. If you could explain your intentions I would be interested to hear what your plans are for doing it.

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