iOS BusAttachment disconnectWithArguments issue

asked 2015-02-11 08:09:54 -0700

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updated 2015-02-11 08:18:21 -0700

When I run simple example

QStatus status;
AJNBusAttachment *busAttachment = [[AJNBusAttachment alloc] initWithApplicationName:@"AppName" allowRemoteMessages:true];
status = [busAttachment start]; //status is ER_OK
status = [busAttachment connectWithArguments:@""]; //status is ER_OK
status = [busAttachment disconnectWithArguments:@""]; //status is ER_OK

But inside console next message

****** ERROR NETWORK TCPTransport      common/os/posix/ |  0x0004

After I'm trying to stop busAttachment synchronously

status = [busAttachment waitUntilStopCompleted];

And endless waiting complete of this operations.

I checked this on last 14.12 SDK. Also tried this with sdk, which I build from master branch from here —

How to fix this? Is it bug?

Or in case I want to implement reconnect function, I need always release busAttachment and create it again?

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