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The alljoyn gateway agent service is very interesting service from allseen alliance working group. I am browsing different documents from this link https://wiki.allseenalliance.org/gateway/gatewayagent to understand alljoyn gateway agent.

I built gwagent source code (from this link https://git.allseenalliance.org/cgit/gateway/gwagent.git/ ) in Ubuntu 14.04 LTS 32-bit. And, I got binaries for only gatewayConnector and gatewayMgmtApp then, I built android source code for gatewayController.

I am trying the guide from https://wiki.allseenalliance.org/_media/gateway/alljoyn-gateway-agent-hld_rev1-update1.pdf . At the section 2.4 Call flows , I assumed 2.4.1 Gateway Agent discovery is the first step in testing alljoyn gateway agent service.

For that, I run ./GatewayMgmtApp in the Linux PC, and GatewayController App in the android mobile. But, I didn't find any communication between both the devices.

I would like to clarify that, whether I am following the correct procedure to use alljoyn gateway? If not, suggest me some guide to go ahead to use alljoyn gateway agent. Or Where I am missing the exact path.?



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there is some discussion on the mailing lists. https://lists.allseenalliance.org/pipermail/allseen-gateway/2015-February/000202.html

ry.jones ( 2015-02-04 10:54:24 -0700 )edit

Thanks c_lawren. You gave correct link for what I want to refer. Hope I will get solution, when It get solved.

kganesh4me ( 2015-02-04 22:11:54 -0700 )edit

Hi c_lawren. I am following alljoyn gateway updates. I found recent updates here https://git.allseenalliance.org/cgit/gateway/gwagent.git/. I downloaded and tested the service. Still, GatewayMgmtApp is communicating with GatewayControllerApp on Android mobile.

kganesh4me ( 2015-02-18 03:44:59 -0700 )edit

If you already tried and found working on your end. Can you guide me to work on it? I can share the approach, I am trying if you felt the issue from my end. Thanks

kganesh4me ( 2015-02-18 03:46:44 -0700 )edit

If I were you I would bring it up on the gateway mailing list for discussion. I don't work on the gateway project so I don't think I will be of much help. Sorry.

ry.jones ( 2015-02-18 11:07:21 -0700 )edit

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answered 2015-03-31 04:31:45 -0700

Ganesh - hopefully you were able to resolve this on the gateway mailing list. One comment, just in case here is to confirm that the Android device running the Gateway Controller app is connected to the same WiFi network as your workstation that is running the Gateway Management app. The Gateway Controller app must be on the same local network as the Gateway Management app.

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