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asked 2015-01-28 19:47:31 -0700

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I just got the latest SDK for windows to try out a sample app between a windows 8.1 laptop and a windows 7 desktop. But first, I was going to run a test app you'd helped me get running to verify my install. It failed.

Running dependency walker (new download on a Windows 7 machine) turned up references to MSVCP120.dll. The new package alljoyn_java.dll was 1/27/2015. I have the old marked as 1/15/2015. Moving the native libraries from my laptop (old alljoyn, windows 8.1) to my desktop (overwriting the new allseen, windows 7) fixed the problem. Was there an incompatibility introduced?

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we didn't release an SDK on 15-January - where did you get those files?

ry.jones ( 2015-01-29 11:00:05 -0700 )edit

Sorry, my statement was misleading. 1/15 must be a modified date. I can check tonight. I got the files from https://allseenalliance.org/developers/download. The current release .dll in the zip has a modified date of 1/27/2015 10:20 PM & references MSVCP120.dll

tab126 ( 2015-01-29 11:10:26 -0700 )edit

I just wanted to make sure you weren't downloading stuff from the CI server. Please check my answer below.

ry.jones ( 2015-01-29 12:37:15 -0700 )edit

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answered 2015-01-29 11:05:42 -0700

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Linux Foundation Staff

Please install the VS2013 runtime. http://stackoverflow.com/questions/24726910/exe-gives-error-msvcp120-dll-is-missing-for-win7x64

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I'll try this later tonight when I'm back at that machine.

tab126 ( 2015-01-29 12:52:15 -0700 )edit
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