Methodcall Error through proxy object

asked 2014-04-10 06:02:53 -0700

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Hi everyone, I am triying to make an RMI call through the ProxyBuxObject, but when it is executed I receive this error message:

org.alljoyn.bus.ErrorReplyBusException: org.alljoyn.Bus.ErStatus at org.alljoyn.bus.ProxyBusObject.methodCall(Native Method) at org.alljoyn.bus.ProxyBusObject.access$300(ProxyBusObject.java:36) at org.alljoyn.bus.ProxyBusObject$Handler.invoke(ProxyBusObject.java:241) at com.sun.proxy.$Proxy1.Ping(Unknown Source) at org.alljoyn.bus.samples.Client.main(Client.java:119)

The session is created and when I am debugging the ProxyBusObject isn´t null, I don´t know what is going on.

Hope somebody could help me, Thank you in advance.

Best regards Paloma

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answered 2014-04-10 09:34:03 -0700

pmais gravatar image

I have solved it, It was something related with a Thread constructor.

Thank you anyway

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Glad you figured it out, can you either edit your original post or post the solution and mark it as answered?

bspencer ( 2014-04-11 16:25:00 -0700 )edit

Hi pmais, Can you please post your solution? Its because I am also having the same issue when calling a BusMethod through a ProxyBusObject. Thanks, Darrell

andrell24 ( 2014-10-31 08:24:03 -0700 )edit
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