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I'm playing with alljoyn-js and I think it's a great prototyping plateforme when you need to make some quick experimentation with alljoyn. What I did not understand yet, is how to get About information for remote objects. I can find objects implementing a ginven interface using

    AJ.findService('my.service.interface', function(svc) { ... } );

but how can i find the content of the full About map for objects which implement this interface ? Also, I'm using session-less signals but I don't see how to the get About information for the emitter of a signal I just received.

thanks !

PS : since asking, I've seen that about is specifically mentioned here, but it stll does not explain how to access this information.

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ping : any news on this ?

PierreR ( 2015-01-29 01:09:29 -0700 )edit

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answered 2015-01-29 13:42:36 -0700

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Getting the full about object data is currently not available in AllJoyn.js. Hiding About was a design decision to keep AllJoyn.js simple (most users have no interest in the complexity of handling an about signal). Exposing About could be done but first it would be good to know exactly why you need the About data and what you would be using it for. Regarding the emitter of the SLS can you use JSON.stringify() on the service object from the SLS?

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