How can play well with the samples?

asked 2015-01-22 17:17:27 -0700

Guofu Zhang gravatar image

Hi everyone, I am a new learner on ALLJOYN, quite interested and I want to dig deep into it. but after compilation successfully with the first sample at https://wiki.allseenalliance.org/develop/building_and_running , I run into an error when try to connect the two apps:

On one terminal: [guofu@7465 bin]$ ./ConsumerService Begin Consumer Application. (Press CTRL+C to end application) Enter in a list of app names (separated by ';') you would like to receive notifications from. Empty list means all app names.

6.173 * ERROR ALLJOYN external ...e/src/BusAttachment.cc:545 | BusAttachment::Connect failed: ER_BUS_TRANSPORT_NOT_AVAILABLE* Could not initialize BusAttachment. cleanup() - start cleanup() - conService 6.174 TRACE Notification external ...NotificationService.cc:232 | Shutdown cleanup() - Receiver cleanup() - end [guofu@7465 bin]$

On another:

[guofu@7465 bin]$ ./ProducerBasic 0.903 ** ERROR ALLJOYN external ...e/src/BusAttachment.cc:545 | BusAttachment::Connect failed: ER_BUS_TRANSPORT_NOT_AVAILABLE Could not initialize BusAttachment. [guofu@7465 bin]$

Questions: 1. How can I make the first sample work? I want to see what they can do. 2. How can I adapt the low layer settings to make different applications on different platforms? Over Wi-Fi, LAN or even they run on one same PC... 3. For beginners, details guidance is much important for them to get understood and be able to use the well-designed software archtecture.

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answered 2015-02-09 12:59:46 -0700

vlada78 gravatar image

This is a three line beginning example and it's wrong; Says BR=off and/or doesn't say to start the router. A bit less coding, a bit more evaluation/testing/documenting is what every programmer needs, especially a project targeting wide audience and companies accepting their proposals.

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answered 2015-01-23 00:58:19 -0700

iker gravatar image

Are you running alljoyn-daemon from /core/alljoin? I mean, it seems that your apps does not find the BUS and so is the aljoyn-daemon who creates the bus where all the apps can attach..

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