How to dynamically invoke method using JAVA SDK

asked 2014-12-12 22:40:24 -0700

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I am new to Alljoyn framework.

As I understand from documentation, the announcement contains the list of object paths and service framework interfaces to allow the client to determine whether the app provides functionality of interest.

Using java sdk, is it possible to dynamically query the interface's supported methods and allow client to call the methods? or does client always require interface at design time to invoke remote methods?

It will be helpful if anyone has sample in java to explain the concept of method invocation.



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answered 2014-12-16 16:00:53 -0700

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I assume you are talking about invoking an interface that you don't know about the names or methods at run time. Currently the Java language binding does not have a way to invoke remote methods that are not know of before hand.

The reason for this is that the Java SDK requires a properly annotated interface to invoke a remote method. AllJoyn currently has no support to generate that interface at run time.

If you are comfortable with JNI it is possible to call an unknown interface at run time using the C++.

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