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Looking at a number of IoT/WoT systems I can see that it is common to build the concept on the IETF "Low Power" stack, i.e. : Application layer: CoAP Transport layer: DTLS, UDP Network layer: IPv6, 6LoWPAN Physical layer: IEEE 802.15.4

This means that an IoT device has a unique IPv6 address and a service on the device can be exposed through a unique persistent URL and a REST API, which is usable by both native and Web Apps.

I have seen that a "Gateway Agent" will be included in the next release of AllJoyn. Which functionality will be included in this gateway. Will for example it be possible to expose REST APIs to AllJoyn enabled services on devices so that they will be accessible by Web Apps?


Now there is also a mapping of the CoAP-based "Low Power Stack" towards Bluetooth Low Energy, https://www.bluetooth.org/docman/handlers/DownloadDoc.ashx?doc_id=296307 .


BR Claes

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@Claes Nilsson I moved your update to the question into the question since it was not an answer for the question. I don't know enough to address your question. I know that there was some talk about 6LoWPAN testing on one of the email lists. Sorry I don't know more.

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Hi @Claes Nilsson,

The Gateway service has been updated recently and was just demonstrated at CES. You can find out more details by signing up and working with the Gateway Agent working group.

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