How to use Android standalone router

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I have built and installed a standalone router on an Android phone, but cannot find any information on how to make use of the router from applications. Do anyone know of such information?

I have seen something about routers bundled in applications making use of the standalone router if it exists. Is this true? What is the general benefit of having a standalone router if all applications implement a router anyway?

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answered 2014-12-18 10:31:19 -0700

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If you are using the Java SDK the application will have the routing node built into the application by default. The reason for this is, if you submit an application to the Google Play Store you want your user to be able to use the application without having to start up a separate piece of software.

The recommended setup for most mobile devices is to use the bundled routing node.

Bundled routing node Advantage: It does not require OEM support to install an AllJoyn router on every single phone. (major problem)
Disadvantage: Applications that have a bundled routing node are larger than applications without the bundled routing node.

stand alone router Advantage: apps size is smaller advantage: local apps can talk with one another without establishing a session. (AllJoyn is primarily about device-to-device communication so this is not the intended use case.) disadvantage: you must manually launch the router or get an OEM to install the router.

Currently no devices have an AllJoyn daemon router installed by the OEMs this will change soon with the release of Windows 10.

To put the standalone router on an Android phone you need to use the adb tool to push the alljoyn-daemon onto the phone. use adb shell to launch the alljoyn-daemon so it is running in the background.

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Thank you. I come from an Android handset OEM perspective. My take is that a standalone router won't be used by third party Android apps, but may be beneficial for use in an application suite provided by the OEM itself.

markus_andreasson ( 2015-01-20 04:23:11 -0700 )edit
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