AJTCL - how to build correctly

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Hello Alljoyers,

To build ajtcl app for Arduino+FreeRTOS: After set ATMEL_DIR, FREE_RTOS_DIR and ARM_TOOLCHAIN_DIR environment variable then build with command "scons TARG=bsp AJWSL=due VARIANT=debug WS=off". I got build successfully.

But with this, the source code in ./target/arduino/*.c are not compiled. I do not have the HW to test the build but I think the build was not completed to make the board run correctly.

Anyone can help to explain ?

Note: the ajtcl source code was checked out 3rd Dec 2014

Regards, Hoa

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answered 2014-12-05 16:26:51 -0700

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updated 2014-12-08 09:03:43 -0700

Hey matrix3dim,

There are some confusing details with the TARG=bsp build compared to TARG=arduino. These two commands are completely different builds targets. Your build command will be different depending on the hardware you plan on using:

"TARG=bsp AJWSL=due": This builds the WSL driver for the Arduino DUE to be used with the Arrow GT-202 WiFi module. This builds is a bit more involved as it uses FreeRTOS and Atmel drivers. This does NOT use the target/arduino directory for any of its build steps. If this is successful you should see several .elf files in the test/ directory. (svclite.elf, clientlite.elf, nvramtest.elf etc.) If you are planning on using the Arrow GT-202 WiFi module this is the build you should use. This is a bare metal build i.e. there is no bootloader to run sketches as with the conventional Arduino model.

"TARG=arduino": This builds the Arduino target to be used with the ethernet shield. This builds a library to be used with the Arduino IDE (sketches). This will use the target/arduino directory to build. If you are planning on using the Arduino IDE with the ethernet shield this is the option you should use.

Let me know if this clears everything up.

Also, in the future please don't post new questions as answers to other questions. I see that you posted here with the same question as this one. Posing a new question was the appropriate action (which you did do). This outlet is for question and answers similar to stack overflow. If you have follow up questions please edit your original question so its easy for other users to follow.


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Thank you so much Jprestwo !!

matrix3dim ( 2014-12-09 22:52:11 -0700 )edit
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