How to update spinner list in controlpanel

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hi all,

When I remove a item from spinner list in TCL controlPanel code, like below:

           memset(&NodeList.optParams.constraintList[i], 0x0,
           NodeList.optParams.numConstraints -= 1;

the android APP-alljoynOn can't update the spinner list real time until do leave and re-enter into this controllee.
How do I refresh ControlPanel spinner after I add/remove spinner items??

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answered 2015-01-13 13:34:30 -0700

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You need to send a PropertyChanged signal from your TCL control panel code after you modify the list.

Take a look at the code in ControlPanelSample.c, in the DoWork function for an example. You will need to look in your ControlPanelGenerated.h to find the correct XXXX_SIGNAL_PROPERTIES_CHANGED value to supply to the AJCPS_SendPropertyChangedSignal call.

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