Problem with Arduino due + wifi shield with alljoyn

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Hi, I have a terrible problem.

My environments are as below:

OS: Windows 7(32bit0

Board: Arduino due R3 Shield: WiFi shield(32UC3A1512-U, HDG204) - Firmware was updated(1.1). AllJoyn version: ajtcl 14.02

I tried to build a sample project, name as AJ_LEDService. But, It does not react... Anyone try to build a AJ_LEDService same as my environments? If you did success even once, please tell me how to set up the environments.

PS: LEDctrl.exe is running in windows desktop.

++ Is wifi R3 shield operate with alljoyn 14.06? I can't execute my LEDsample!! If you guys available, please tell me what I am doing now.. just I have Arduino due R3 board, WIFI R3 shield and, Desktop(Windows7).

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answered 2014-12-01 22:11:00 -0700

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Arduino has become an unofficial platform as of 14.06. The software can should still compile for this target, but it is not actively being tested. Also, there are known issues with Wi-Fi shields and the UDP stack that runs on them being non-functional for what is needed in the project. Therefore we have been recommending an Ethernet shield for use with Arduino Due when it was supported.

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answered 2014-12-12 00:22:59 -0700

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It works well on Arduino due + cc3000 for both 14.02 and 14.06.

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Can you please give us some hints or steps to make it work with CC3000

technologythought ( 2015-08-31 05:23:18 -0700 )edit
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