Which cloud service should I use to deploy Gateway Agent - Service Provider Mode?

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I've watched some products from recent AllSeen submit and really excited about the Gateway Agent. However, I need more detail of how to implement a Service Provider Mode or anything that can...

  • Use alljoyn to talk to proximal devices without going out to the cloud
  • Can provide an secure remote access to home devices from outside using cloud
  • Can controll all the alljoyn devices and mobile devices like block device, upgrade firmware, ...

My questions are

  • Is it true that Gateway Agent - Service Provider Mode can do all the above requirements?
  • Could you guys suggest me a cloud service or how to I implement that kind of cloud? If I am not wrong, Affinegy provides cloud service to implement Service Provider Mode. I contacted them but haven't received any response so far.

Here is a page describe Service Provider Mode I cut from the "Secure Cloud and Remote Service Connections for AllJoyn Applications" pdf.


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answered 2014-12-01 15:32:33 -0700

Hello Dat, I did also reply to your separate Email to me - as you caught us during our Thanksgiving holiday in the U.S. Yes, the Gateway Agent will support these functions you are requesting in the Service Provider mode when it is released. It is also correct that my company, Affinegy is offering a commercial cloud service to support these features. The Service Provider mode is using standard TR-069 to manage the Gateway Agent's configuration, so can work either with our offering or with another standard ACS. The Connector plug-in is able to be written to support different cloud services providers using either standard or proprietary clouds. We are scheduled to have a first release by the end of December. Please let me know any more details you would like to know.

Thanks, Art

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Hi, affinegyart, ---> We are scheduled to have a first release by the end of December. Can you let me know where I can find any demo or document for this release? Thanks.

snowmagic ( 2015-02-03 10:59:11 -0700 )edit
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