I develop an App with AllJoyn but my teachers said nobody will use it

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Sorry,my English is poor... Half a years ago I joined a programming competition,which will lash for one year.My idea is that I could develop an App with AllJoyn,which enables people to watch videos/listen music at the same time.People can share videos/music they are watching/listening.I thought it was a cool idea. But we have an intermediate inspection,which will rank our projects.At that time teachers said my idea is poor,that App is useless,nobody will use it.They thought that people would not share medias just within a short distance.But the AllJoyn requires the devices must join the same WiFi.So my project just ranks D,the worst one. I have spend two months on it.I am disappointed.Is my idea really poor? If not,how could I persuade teachers to think my App is of great use? Thanks.

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answered 2014-11-03 16:38:30 -0700

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I'm sorry that your idea was not received in the best of light. That being said there are many eye opening things happening around peer to peer and the end user experiences that are possible. Maybe talk about the application interacting with a TV at a social gathering? An Android powered TV could receive videos and images, so that the crowd could throw their content to the TV for all to view. This would be one powerful use case for something that you created. Another thought it so turn the application into a game where you one up each other by showing a photo or video that is better than the previous. The possibilities are endless when you can bring a TV and this into a social setting and allows other devices to interact with it.

Also, can you let us know where this application can be downloaded? I would like to try it myself.

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A use case for your app could be for children/teens that want to interact in a social setting they cant change the media (e.g. parents party). Another add-on would be to add some kind of chatting so participants comment on the content that they are sharing, like calling out their favorite parts.

marcello ( 2014-11-04 10:40:40 -0700 )edit

I have't finished that App.Teachers didn't care about your app.They just concentrated on your idea.

letingoo ( 2014-11-19 19:13:30 -0700 )edit
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