onboarding service appearing as a second device?

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I'm trying to implement onboarding for an embedded linux (non-openwrt) device. The device would also support other AllJoyn interfaces (control panel for now). I have built alljoyn services using the openwrt build config and I've ported most of the openwrt scripts to my embedded system. I'm using the provided onboarding-daemon which handles the onboarding process, but I also have another application running which handles the control panel interface. I've made sure that both processes use the same alljoyn-deviceId.txt file.

Currently I'm testing my device with the android "AllJoyn On" application, and it shows me two "Nearby Devices". One represents the onboarding service, the other is my own app. Can I somehow make it show up as one device only?

Do I need to integrate the onboarding functionality into my control application? Or can the About service be somehow instructed that both of the interfaces come from one device?

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answered 2014-11-03 16:44:06 -0700

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Each AllJoyn BusAttachment is going to be seen as a separate application. One thing that "AJ On" application is not doing at this time is filtering/combining applications that come from the same DeviceID field in the About signal. If you would like the application to appear as the same tile then at this time you can either:

a) Merge all your AllJoyn code into a single application.

b) Write a new AllJoyn Application for a mobile that combines applications with the same DeviceID field.

c) Leave it as is, its just an extra piece of UI that doesn't hurt anything.

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