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I had referred pdf to incorporate alljoyn framework for a home automation use case. Below is the link of it:


In this pdf came across through "A minimalist Thin Core Library system" part and I would like to set up a similar thing that has mentioned in pdf.

R - Alljoyn Router (Panda board running with openWRT) S - Thin Client (PC with ubuntu OS) C - Application (PC with ubuntu OS)

          | |
      | |
         S  C

I am able to run alljoyn on a router (Panda board running with openwrt) and initiated 'alljoyn-deamon' on it. And I had put 'alljoyn thin client library' on S and C runs with 'alljoyn standard library'.

  • My intent is to communicate one system(S) to other system(C) through alljoyn enabled router(R) as he has mentioned in pdf.

1) In order to achieve this, which applications do I need to run on S and C ?

2) By default, Alljoyn is getting enabled on 'eth0 interface. If I need to enable alljoyn on wlan interface, how can I do it ?

3) As Iam new to alljoyn, bit curious to understand its communication method. I found many pdf's but couldn't find much clarity. Please do suggest some study material/Design document to understand the operation and alljoyn source code implementation.

Regards, Raghu

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answered 2014-11-07 16:10:26 -0700

this post is marked as community wiki

This post is a wiki. Anyone with karma >75 is welcome to improve it.

Hi Raghu, The setup that you are asking about is possible and you can run the sample application in the SDK on both S and C. One simple one that you can run is the Basic Client and Service(Thin and Core). When you have the AllJoyn daemon running on device R it should be exposed over all the network interfaces on that platform. The application on S - Thin Library App - (if not behind a firewall and if the VM is on the same network subnet) will be able to discover the AllJoyn Router on R and connect. Then either start discovery or advertisement, depending on if you run the Client or Service side of the Basic sample. On the other machine you can run the Standard Library application which you will need to compile with the Router software Bundled into the Application, or you will need to start the AllJoyn Router on that machine as well.

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