alljoyn client and service not at the same local network

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hi, as i know, alljoyn apps communication with each other, its idea is : service broadcast its name, and client can find and request joinsession, at last they start msging.

so if I have a alljoynservice app on a device at home, and it connect a wireless router(also at home,as home gateway), and I have a alljoynclient app on my phone, but I stay at company, then my question is:

can i let alljoynclient connect to alljoynservice ?


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answered 2014-03-26 03:09:26 -0700

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It is not supported in the current version but from what i've read it's a work in progress and might be in some future version. Would be great if there was a roadmap for this though.

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Correct AllJoyn is designed today for proximal communication where proximity is defined by the underlying transport distance. So over Wi-Fi it is limited to the local network and the range that it can reach. PierreR is correct that there is a plan to evolve the ability to use AllJoyn outside the proximal space. If you wish to contribute to this and be a part of that project email the TSC: allseen-tsc@lists.allseenalliance.org

bspencer ( 2014-03-26 09:56:01 -0700 )edit
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