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Hi, With the removal of ICE and the decommissioning of the public Rendezvous server connect.alljoyn.org it seems that Alljoyn can no longer operate in typical 'public' wifi environments where wireless/IP/client isolation is enabled.

I would like my Alljoyn application to be able to operate in such public environments. Is it possible to configure Alljoyn to use a Rendezvous server I set up (much like the old connect.alljoyn.org ) for use by my application and hence work around the constraints imposed by public WiFi configurations? Is there information on how one would go about this?

Thanks in advance, Rob

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answered 2014-10-02 12:54:08 -0700

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Hi Rob,

There is no information about the Rendezvous server because it was a proprietary implementation. That being said the core AllJoyn project is open source and the ICE software was removed in the 14.06 release but you can still find it present for the AllJoyn Router in the 14.02 software. One could take this and use it as a reference for modifying the AllJoyn Router software and then building their own server communication. If you go down this route and choose to contribute back to the project please follow the steps to contribute.

As the software stands today Wireless isolation and disablement of UDP multicast is a show stopper for allowing AllJoyn and any local network software to execute.

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Thanks very much for the clear answer bspencer.

allseen_user ( 2014-10-02 20:44:51 -0700 )edit
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