Alljoyn Peer To Peer behind NAT...

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Hi all

I'm new in alljoyn... I found some samples: "basic_client", "basic_server" with "alljoyn_unity.dll"... I tested that on my PC and it was OK... I saw the "hello world"... Then I tested in my LAN, on 2 different PCs and every thing was OK again...

But when I tested on internet (my PC behind NAT and my friend PC behind another NAT), there was some problems! I can't see "Hello world"!!! I think Peer2Peer behind NAT for alljoyn don't work!!!

Is this normal?! or Should I change some setting in this samples?! Is there any way to solve this? I think alljoyn is using ICE for this problem... but why it doesn't work?!

Thanks a lot

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answered 2014-09-29 11:51:08 -0700

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AllJoyn only operates over the local subnet. The discovery mechanism uses multicast and broadcast UDP which is limited to the local subnet. This allows AllJoyn to work without the need for a globally accessible server on the Internet. In fact, so long as your LAN is up and running, you could be completely disconnected from the Internet and AllJoyn will continue to work over your LAN.

ICE is only one part of the solution to allow AllJoyn to operate between 2 different networks that are hidden behind NATs. ICE would allow the establishment of connections between devices behind NATs but it does not solve the discovery problem. ICE also requires a globally accessible server on the Internet. This is an expensive resource that someone has to setup, maintain, and pay for.

Discovery over the Internet would require an additional globally accessible server on the Internet separate from the ICE server. This server would need to be hardend against attacks since it would contain information about communicating with every AllJoyn enabled device in your house. This could include things like light bulbs, thermostats, door locks, home security systems.

If you are looking for away to allow AllJoyn between your LAN and just your friend's LAN, you could setup a VPN between your networks and configure that VPN to forward broadcast and multicast UDP traffic and AllJoyn should just work.

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