List of service currently worked on in the Allseen Alliance

asked 2014-03-24 03:45:18 -0700

PierreR gravatar image

I'm wondering if there is somewhere a list of services currently worked on in the Allseen Alliance.

The source tree currently includes :

  • onboarding
  • notification
  • control panel
  • config
  • audio ( not in the service directory, seems to have a special status)
  • about (it's more a feature than a service and all other services are based on it)

I've seen there is also a proposal for a Lighting service. Are there any other services planned or currently worked on? I'm thinking for example about energy management and home automation (scene, etc.).

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answered 2014-03-25 16:55:01 -0700

bspencer gravatar image

Hi PierreR,

You are correct with the current list of services that are released. You can ask your question directly to the Technical Steering Committee (TSC) about your proposal for a new AllJoyn Service Framework by sending an email to: allseen-tsc@lists.allseenalliance.org As far as what other AllJoyn Services are being worked on I can not say, the project is open source and anyone is more than welcome to develop and hopefully contribute to the advancement of the project. I would recommend that anyone who chooses to develop an AllJoyn Service to first reach out to the TSC and let them know of the proposal because there may be a discussion where a new feature or architecture change would really help the Service or produce a more robust Service because it is designed in a different way.

Thanks, Brian Spencer

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