How to connect two node not in same subnet?

asked 2014-08-13 00:23:51 -0700

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Router A -->PC( and Router B(,
Router B -->Phone(,
Router A and Router B is not base on alljoyn;
PC and Phone all are base on alljoyn;
1).Can PC( connect with Phone(,or not?
2).If not, how to make PC conect with Phone?
3).If Router B( is base on aljoyn(such as Alljoyn OpenWRT) ,
is it ok to create connection between PC and Phone?

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answered 2014-08-13 23:27:18 -0700

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Right now AllJoyn is focused on the proximal space, which over IP is defined to be on the same subnet. Devices on different subnets will not be able to talk to each other unless the infrastructure is altered to forward packets from one subnet into another and so forth. The PC in this case will not be able to communicate with the Phone. Further, even if the router has AllJoyn running as part of the firmware it will not enhance your situation for the majority of the use cases. The only case where having AllJoyn on Router B that would allow the PC and Handset to communicate would be if they both joined a multi-point session in an application running on Router B. AllJoyn does not forward advertisements to the other connected transports.

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