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You will want to read up this section that explain details about the wellknown name. Next read the following sections on how to discover and advertise.

The Sample application you reference are designed to be paired with each other. IE one advertises the other discovers. There is no design for handling wellknown name collisions. IE if you have 2 service applications running then the client will connect to whichever one it discovers(FoundAdvertisedName callback) first. In order to make a modification to the sample the wellknown name on the service should change to include a random identifier or some way to distinguish it from the other devices (user input or device system value). Then the client side the FoundAdvertisedName method will provide you with the service name that was found. You can split off the prefix argument and would have something that you could then display in a list.

Another option is to use the AboutFeature and perform service level discovery/advertisement. Using About you find devices/applications with a list of interfaces that are implemented. You can then display the "Friendly Name" from the AboutData in a UI. Then use the port and busName to connect to when you wish to interact with the device/application.