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The basic_client.log show that the session failed with ER_ALLJOYN_JOINSESSION_REPLY_REJECTED. This points to the service not accepting the session.

On the thin core service side, check that you are processing the AJ_METHOD_ACCEPT_SESSION message correctly. Here are the pertinent bits from

status = AJ_UnmarshalMsg(&bus, &msg, UNMARSHAL_TIMEOUT);

if (status == AJ_OK) {
    switch (msg.msgId) {
            uint16_t port;
            char* joiner;
            AJ_UnmarshalArgs(&msg, "qus", &port, &sessionId, &joiner);
            status = AJ_BusReplyAcceptSession(&msg, TRUE);
             if (status == AJ_OK) {
                AJ_InfoPrintf(("Accepted session session_id=%u joiner=%s\n", sessionId, joiner));
            } else {
                AJ_InfoPrintf(("AJ_BusReplyAcceptSession: error %d\n", status));

BTW, I took a peak at your and did not see any service bits in there, like the message processing loop. Take a look at for a better example of what is needed.