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Onboarding is one of the Base Services. It is an abstraction built on top of WiFi APIs provided by a target / platform, so that remote peers can manipulate a device's wireless radio using AllJoyn.

Onboarding is primarily meant for devices that don't have a screen. For such devices (embedded ones, for instance), which are unconfigured out-of-the-box, Onboarding is useful for performing wireless configuration.

Onboarder is a device with screen, and is usually a phone / tablet.

Onboarding, in its current form, uses WiFi as the medium. The Onboardee setups a small-and-temporary AP (termed as SoftAP in documentation) to which the Onboarder associates and passes on the wireless configuration. The Onboardeee, can then connect to the main AP of the home.

Even if the Onboarder has a separate mobile data for Internet, it doesn't affect Onboarding process. This is because the WiFi interface of the Onboarder is involved in Onboarding process (not the mobile interface).

Consider a scenario where an Onboarder OBr, has onboarded a device D1. When another device D2 comes into the picture, OBr just starts over the entire sequence of steps with the new device D2. It is just another device that goes through the same Onboarding process.