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Signals do not route to proxy objects, they route to a registered signalhandler. ProxyBusObjects are used to execute BusMethod calls on a remote endpoint.

One thing that will help with the situation you are prototyping is to move away from wellknown name advertisements and use service level discovery via the About feature:

Using this you will have an understanding of what devices speak the "Thermostat" interface. Then you can display the Friendly name and when you receive the annoucement you have the unique name (aka Bus Name) that you can use to identify when you receive a signal.

Another option is to look at the session ID that comes in. When the "gateway" joins the sessions to the thermostat devices it will give the connecting application and the sending application the same SessionID. So upon your joinSession keep track of the name you joined and the sessionId. Then when the Signal comes into the registered signal handler from the message get the message->GetSessionId() call.