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The AboutData is announced to the network. First of all you have to add a AboutObj() to the bus, this may looks like (Java):

AboutObj aboutObj = new AboutObj(bus);
    status = aboutObj.announce(contactPort.value, new MyAboutData());
    if (status != Status.OK) {
        System.out.println("Announce failed: " + status.toString());

This is the part for the client side. The client sends the AboutData, containing device information, to the network.

On the server side you have to make sure to have an AboutListener attached to receive the AboutData of the supported devices. Create a class implementing 'AboutListener'. You'll see a method called "public void announced(...)" this method is fired automatically, if the announcement is seen.

Just take another look at the samples, I'm sure you'll get the information you need. I've figured it out on my own and it works!