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AllJoyn only officially supports jdk_1.6.

The only OS that the Java language bindings are officially supported on is Android. Since the recommended version of Java for Android is jdk_1.6 AllJoyn is built against and tested with version 6 of Java.

This does not mean that Java will not work with other OSs or newer versions of JAva. It just means its not officially supported. I personally would feel comfortable using the Java language bindings on Windows and Linux.

The Java language bindings have been updated to build with Java 7 and do work but once again this is not an officially supported build.

Until now I don't think anyone has tried to build the Java bindings using Java 8. In response to your question I downloaded and installed Java 8 and tried to build the Java bindings. They failed to build using Java 8. I would recommend downloading Java 6 or Java 7 and try building again.