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The best way to expanding the Status codes has been discussed. Since QStatus codes are stored in an enumerated list this becomes a problem since enums are not expandable.

You could add a new QStatus code similar to what was done in the About service.

Here the Status was added using a #define macro.

#define ER_LANGUAGE_NOT_SUPPORTED       ((QStatus)0xb001)


  • it really simple to implement and you can get it working really fast


  • it does not actually tie back into the list of QStatus values
  • there is no way to make sure a status added this way will not conflict with already existing or newly added statuses
  • if the service becomes part of the core services the status will need to be moved into the a Status.xml anyway
  • the function QCC_StatusText does not know anything about a status done this way so it will return the string <unknown>

Even with the disadvantages I would recommend using something similar for the time being.