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Hi humanmage,

Currently there are no documents for the platforms you mentioned. Until someone makes one the major components that need to ported for porting to a new platform like the ones you listed you would have to definitely look at:

  1. ajtcl/target/aj_net.c
  2. ajtcl/target/aj_target_nvram.c
  3. ajtcl/target/aj_target_util.c

The crypto stuff would need to be looked at if the target you are trying to port for has its own crypto thing but for the most part the one under src/crypto should work as it has been our experience so far.

As an example if you have your own send and receive using the tcp/ip stack on your target they would go in aj_net.c and so on

Hope that helps in some way. Let me know if you have any issues along the way