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Hi qieman,

In AllJoyn terminology a signal or a method call is always a part on an interface. An interface in AllJoyn or in most systems is useful when it is implemented by an object. The object in this case becomes our BusObject. On the side receiving a signal one could think that why do I need a bus object. The reason is the signal you receive is still a part of an interface. We do not have any generic signal emitter or receiver concept. Since it is a part of an interface a bus object needs to handle it. The signal handler for it will thus is a part of the bus object that understands the interface to which the signal belongs.

A BusObject needs to be registered before you start the bus. If you call registerSignalHandler before calling register bus object the bus may not recognize which bus object are you referring to. Thus the sequence holds.

Let me know if something was not clear.

Regards, Nikhil