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The CPU=arm for OS=linux options for scons is a very old vestige from the earliest days of AllJoyn development. It has not been supported for years. It is something that needs to be removed.

If you wish to cross-compile Linux, I suggest using the OpenWrt platform: OS=openwrt CPU=openwrt. It's basically Linux but setup for cross compilation. Unfortunately, you will need to specify many parameters for the various tools:

TARGET_PATH - path to the cross-compiler tools
TARGET_CC - full name of the C compiler (e.g., mips-openwrt-linux-uclibc-gcc)
TARGET_CXX - full name of the C++ compiler
TARGET_LINK - full name of the linker (typically the same as the C compiler)
TARGET_AR - full name of the static library archiver
TARGET_RANLIB - full name of the ranlib tool
TARGET_CFLAGS - platform C flags
TARGET_CPPFLAGS - platform C++ flags
TARGET_LINKFLAGS - platform linker flags
STAGING_DIR - path the equivalent of the target root directory on the host